Section III: Navy-Army Relations

The Navy's mandate is to secure orbital space around inhabited planets, to investigate any vessels which in the opinion of the commanding officer appear capable of disrupting the security or orbital space, and to engage hostile vessels, destroying or seizing them as deemed necessary. In addition, the Navy is to establish patrols within a sector to locate known enemies or for the early detection of patterns of space activity which could indicate a hostile presence. Space superiority is clearly the Navy's most important mission, and the one which generates the most enthusiasm from crew and officers.

A mission which has been de-emphasized is the protection of scientific missions, as well as acting as the official clearinghouse for information on new worlds. As the Empire has practically ceased to sponsor exploration, this mission has atrophied to the point that many of the newer commanders are not even aware that such missions are part of the Navy doctrine.

If the Navy is to be deployed on the surface of the world, the Navy is to provide combat support as soon as the orbital space is secured. Support for Army operations is to take precedence over establishing patrols until such time as the commander of surface operations indicates he has the situation under control, although such support operations are not expected to be exclusive of patrol activities.

If Army commanders deem the surface situation to be beyond hope of victory, or if the proper political authorities directly command it, the Navy is to execute a series of punitive attacks upon the target. The attacks are given code names which vary according to the mission and change frequently. The code name which has not yet changed is "Base Delta Zero," the code for complete destruction of all "assets of production," including factories, arable land, mines, and all sentient beings and droids.

Duties of VEN

  1. Planetary Assault/Capture
  2. Space Superiority in Controlled Regions
  3. Management of all Incoming/Outgoing Traffic in Vast Empire Systems
  4. Transportation of Weapons, Ammunition, Goods, etc.
  5. Training of Personnel
  6. Provide transportation and attack coverage for the Army
  7. Secondary Wartime duties not mentioned above.

Rules and Regulations

In order to preserve the line between Navy and Army while still encouraging cooperation between the two branches, the following rules and regulations are instituted:

  1. Naval Officers cannot issue direct orders to Army personnel.
  2. Naval Officers cannot be in both the Army and Navy using the same e-mail address.
  3. Naval Officers will not demoralize, criticize, or sabotage the army; however friendl competition is encouraged.
  4. Naval Officers can and are encouraged to request the help from experienced army personnel if needed.
  5. Naval Officers will give help to army personnel if requested.
  6. Naval Officers will follow the Articles of War and Codes of Conduct when cooperating with Army personnel.
  7. Naval Officers will use their best judgment regarding all articles not mentioned above.

The same above applies to Army Officers of the Vast Empire.


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Duties of VEN
Rules and Regulations