Section VI: Naval Medals

The Vast Empire, like any other military organization, needs to reward members for outstanding performance. Promotion is not always a practical method of doing so, so to that end the Vast Empire Navy has developed a series of medals designed to reward outstanding service, bravery, and exemplary behavior. Please note that the Naval Commander in Chief has the right to bestow any and all awards he feels necessary, as well as to review and revoke awards he feels are unrightfully awarded.

Any Medal Award recommendations must be sent to the appropriate superior officer, Naval Executive Officer, and Naval Commander in Chief. The Form MUST include the ID Line designation of the recommended Member or it will not be included in the Fleet Medal Board, that is maintained by the Naval Executive Officer.

Merit Awards

Imperial Grand Cross (GC)
Knights Cross (KC) [Oak Cluster, Silver Swords, Diamond Eyes]
Imperial Navy Cross (NC)
Iron Cross (IC) [1st Class, 2nd Class]
Navy Defense Medal (NDM)
Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
Legion of Merit (LoM)
Star of Valor (SV)
Victory Cross (VC) [trims: blue, silver, gold, ebony]
Cross of Bravery (CBV) [w/ 1 star, 2 stars, etc.]
Merit Cross (MC) [1st and 2nd class]

* - Members who have obtained a Merit Award have the honor of placing in their ID Line:
i.e. CMDR/Major Bob/Steel-1/Wing I/ISD-II Devastator/1ESF/VEN, [DSM] [CBV-2stars] [MC1]

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Officer Citations

Recruitment Commendation (RC)
Good Conduct Medal (GCM)
Long Service Medal (LSM)
Internal/External Security Medal (ISM/ESM)
Letter of Commendation (LoC)

Officer Citations are awarded to Members of the Fleet for their direct participation in the Fleet. As with Merit Awards, Members who have attained a Officer Citations have the honor of signifying their awards in their ID Line:
i.e. CMDR/Lt. Commander Wayne/Raven-1/Wing II/ISD Vernichtung/1ESF/VEN, [LSM]

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Unit Citations

Vast Empire Victory Banner
The Captain's Own
Imperial Guardian

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Merit Awards
Officer Citations
Unit Citations