"Men of the Vast Empire Navy, in the past you have had many great leaders. Now, you have ones that have the potential to be even greater. Beyond the confines of Imperial space, lay the soft, well fed troops of the Rebellion and so called New Republic. Crush them, and you claim glory for the Empire. Victory and honor for yourself..."

The Vast Empire Navy is an elite imperial armed force under the leadership of many distinguished tactical commanders. This fleet is not for the weak, for it is among the most skilled fighting fleets in the known galaxy. With specialty covert operations and counter-intelligence strikes, tactical use of the empires finest ships have been utilized to ensure success. Highly trained Imperial Pilots can penetrate deep into rebel territory and strike hard and fast before any defenses can react, causing the rebellion irreplaceable loses.

As a pilot in the Vast Empire, the advanced training you will receive can open new realms in fighter combat tactics and control. You will learn the benefits of teamwork and discipline while at the same time, enjoying your duties as a proud Imperial Officer. We support Lucasarts' TIE-Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance games. Fleet competitions and on-line melees are held often to keep pilots in the action.

To become a part of the glorious Imperial Navy, join in the Enlistment Office and begin your training today.


Section I: Communique from the Commander
Section II: Controlled Systems
Section III: Army-Navy Relations
Section IV: Ranks of the VE Navy
Section V: High Command
Section VI: Naval Medals
Section VI-i: Merit Awards
Section VI-ii: Officer Citations
Section VI-iii: Unit Citations
Section VII: Naval Uniforms
Section VIII: ID-Lines
Section IX: Pilot Certifications
Section X: Naval Conduct


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